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    Motor EExd IIB T4, Zone 1, 380/480V, 3P, 1.1KW, 2-Pole, 50/60Hz, Motor Model: E90S2 – CE

    Four Way Reverse cycle valve, size: 1/2″ x 5/8″, with Coil Capacity Range above 7KW, for R134a Refrigerant, 220V, A/C, 50Hz/60 Hz

    Heater AHU, 4KW, 3-Stage, with Stainless Steel Finned Tubular, for VAHU type 11

    Control Panel for A/C Units (1 No. for 2 A/C Units)

    Coil Evaporator Finned 24,000 BTU/HR, Size: W16″ x H18″, for type 8 C/10/11 VAHU A/C

    Condenser Coil Support (Top), Size: 285mm x 50mm x 3mm thick.