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    Motor EExd IIB T4, Zone 1, 380/480V, 3P, 1.1KW, 2-Pole, 50/60Hz, Motor Model: E90S2 – CE

    Four Way Reverse cycle valve, size: 1/2″ x 5/8″, with Coil Capacity Range above 7KW, for R134a Refrigerant, 220V, A/C, 50Hz/60 Hz

    Heater AHU, 4KW, 3-Stage, with Stainless Steel Finned Tubular, for VAHU type 11

    Control Panel for A/C Units (1 No. for 2 A/C Units)

    Coil Evaporator Finned 24,000 BTU/HR, Size: W16″ x H18″, for type 8 C/10/11 VAHU A/C

    Condenser Coil Support (Top), Size: 285mm x 50mm x 3mm thick.

    Pressurization Fan assembly, excluding motor; Air Flow: 187 L/s; Make: Thermoplant (UK); Model: HA225,

    Pressurization Fan frame (Sodeca-CMP-514-2T) Big

    Pressurization Fan frame (Thermoplant HA 225 \ E90S2 CE)

    Fan Axial Zone 1 IIB IIC T3, Voltage: 380V, 3Ph, 50Hz and 60Hz, Airflow: 500L/s at 50Hz and 600L/s at 60Hz

    Centrifugal Fan, Airflow Double Width/Inlet 395L/s, 220V, 1P, 50-60Hz, 90CE, Model: 90 F2WTL/6 (W6913-1), for type 8C VAHU AC

    Centrifugal Fan, 230V, 1P, 50-60Hz, Air Flow: 611 L/s; Make: Nicotra, Model: DDM9/9E6G3501F4P, for type 11 VAHU AC

    Centrifugal Fan with Class F insulation Motor, 220/240V, 1P, 50/60Hz ,Make: Chaysol (Spain), Model: DA12/9 RE 515W 6p

    Fire Damper with Pneumatic Spring Return Actuator with Limit Switch Junction Box, Size: W150 x H150 x D200 mm; Make: Wozair

    Fire Damper Motor operated, GI 230VAC, Size: 150mm x 150mm; For safe area

    Centrifugal Fan, Zone 1 IIB T3, Voltage: 380-480V, 3Ph, 50Hz and 60Hz, Single Inlet, Airflow: 163L/s, Model: 152T

    Connector Duct for Pressurisation Fan, 150mm Dia, Model: SS472-1

    Connector Duct for Pressurisation Fan, size: 200mm Dia, Model: SS472-1

    Damper Non-Return External AHU, Type 8C Gen. III, Model: SS316L

    Suction Line Accumulator, Connection size 5/8″, Model: AAS3-125 / PCN 060812, Make: Emerson